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Blog Diaries: The Rubber Doll

May 29, 2015 3 min read

This month we had the honor of interviewing one of our long-time bloggers, Pepa of The Rubber Doll blog! Unique and trendy, Pepa has inspired many aspiring stylists, fashionistas, and bloggers alike, always keeping us coming back for more! Get to know her and how fashion changed her life in this month's Blogger Diaries! Enjoy!

Let us start off with the typical, but most popular question (because we all want to know!): When and how did it all begin? 

Allstarted 4 years ago,becauseI had abig passion for fashion and photography, I launched, to express myself. This is much more than a blog, it’s my real life.

Going off the previous question, what was the inspiration behind The Rubber Doll Blog?

The inspiration behind The Rubber Doll Blog are the fashion blogs, fashion magazines, my boyfriend, music, and people.


 Being in the fashion world means being exposed to new exhibits of style and design, which seem to come out in quite constant patterns. Do you ever find it difficult to stay independent with your style, creating your own individualistic looks? 

It's not a problemfor me to create my looks,I alwaysdressaccordingmy mood.Fashion is freedom. It’s creativity.

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment? And what would you advise to the next generation of young, inspired fashion bloggers? 

My biggest accomplishment itis that I succeeded work with so many worldwide famous brands. My advice is when you want something so bad, you must believe in yourself,  never give up and you’ll have it, you’ll see.

Going off of the previous question, fashion blogging certainly takes a lot of devotion, thought, and time. Has it in any way affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life? 

Fashion blogging changed mylifecompletely, then I was a simple girl, now I feel I am somebody. I am really happy when the peopleenteron my blogtosee myoutfits.

Everyone has their own fun little hobbies and personal interests! Can you please share what other activities you enjoy outside of fashion blogging and what best interests you? 

Outside the blogging, my otherbig passionis the photography. I love to captureevery moment.

The fashion spectrum is full of variety – indie, boho, punk, grunge, modern, casual, bold, retro, etc. Which genre(s) of fashion do you think best fits along the lines of your style and why? 

Hmmm… What’s my style? I don’t know. I think it is casual, romantic and chic. I love fashion for the reason that I can reinvent myself every day anew. Yesterday in a sexy dress, today in sneakers and shorts.

Have there been any roadblocks in your career that have made you second guess your choice of becoming a fashion blogger? If, so what were they? 

Yes, I had some roadblocks, one is that I am scared that peoplemightnotlike me. This is my big problem.

Lastly, we have worked with you for many wonderful years, so of course I must ask, what is your favorite pair zeroUV sunnies that you receive? 

Aww, I adore every single pair, but my favorite is my 8626 Oversize Eye Brow Designer inspired Round Metal Sunglasses! You can see it a lot on my blog and on instagram.

People tend to grow a liking towards certain accessories and fashion pieces.  
Whether it be rings, maxi skirts, heels, or dresses, what is your favorite type of accessory or clothing piece, and how does it play a role in your glamorous looks? 

If you can see in my pictures, I don’t usually wear many accessories, I love to wear watches and sunglasses, of course, they are my “must have”. And about clothing and shoes my favorite pieces are the sneakers and shorts.


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