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February 23, 2016 4 min read

Steffy Kuncman is a beautiful individual with a love and passion for all things vintage. Her blog Steffy's Pros and Cons showcases her brilliant life in New York and her vintage-chic outfits. Well-known in the blogosphere, Steffy stays true to herself and adds her own touch of vintage flair to everything! After over three years of working together, we've had the wonderful opportunity to interview this lovely gal. Please enjoy her thoughts & what she has to say regarding her life and how fashion has shaped her in the greatest way!

Q: Let's start off with the popular, most eagerly asked question: When and how did it all begin? What got you motivated to embark on running a fashion blog?

I started my blog as a way to promote my vintage store, Tea and Tulips. I was selling vintage to pay for my rent during fashion school! Then it just evolved over time into what it is today! 

Q: There is always a special, significant meaning behind a blog's name. Can you please share the story or meaning behind your blog name Steffy's Pros and Cons?

There's not much of a meaning! In the beginning I used to write pros and cons of each day, to try to focus on positivity, and the name stemmed from that!

Q: You are such a well-loved and embraced fashion stylist around the world by loyal followers and fans! Do you have any personal inspirations or fashion bloggers that you look up to and/or admire? If so, can you name who and why?

I absolutely adore Alexa Chung's style & I love Twiggy! I draw inspiration from the 60's and 70's mostly! I also love following Courtney from Pretty Little Fawn, and always look forward to her posts! 

Q: To get to know you on a more fun and personal level, what is your favorite movie, food/drink, place, book, and color?

My favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums, favorite food is anything with sugar (I'm sort of an addict ;) ) favorite book (of the moment) is the book I am reading called Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and favorite color is always mustard yellow! 

Q: It’s said that a photo speaks a thousand words. A fashion blogger is largely based on the great photos they provide for their followers, and an important aspect of that is choosing the right photographer. How did you and your photographer meet?

My photographer is my husband. I minored in photography in college, so any photos that I am not in I shoot myself! I met my husband in college, and ever since then we've made a great team.

Q: Following up on the previous question, do you and your photographer balance each other out? How is your dynamic when shooting?

When Matt and I shoot, it used to be stressful, just because I feel a sort of pressure to always be on-point when I am in front of the lens. Over time we've learned how to work well together, and now we can laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, like setting up an instagram post and everything that may go into just one post. It's funny to us ;)

Q: Your fashion style is unique & vintage-based! Every look you do has its own individualistic touch. Does it ever become difficult to come up with such exclusive looks every time, or does it just come naturally?

Hm, it depends on the day or week! If it is really cold out, it's more difficult to look stylish and cute. But most of the time, I have my favorite staple pieces and I build off of them, so it comes naturally.

Q: Fashion blogging definitely requires a lot of time and dedication. Has it in any way affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life?

TOTALLY. When I started blogging I was in fashion school. When I began to work full-time as a merchandiser, it became more difficult to manage the blog, because I was working from 6am to 3pm almost every day, so we had to take pictures on weekends, or if we had time after work. When I switched my career, and began working in marketing and as a social media strategist, things became much easier. My current job (which I only received because of my experience from running the blog!) is so understanding of what it means to run social for myself, which makes it much easier. You 100% need to have a flexible schedule to seriously take on campaigns and work in this industry.

Q: We can’t help but notice your beautiful smile and the amazing, positive energy that lights up your blog. What motivates or inspires you to present the happy heart and optimism you hold?

I think I am just the kind of person who truly, in every fiber of my being, believes that in the end everything will work out. My dad always had that kind of optimistic outlook in life, and I am happy it rubbed off on me. Even on the worst day ever, if I am hysterical crying, I am always laughing through the tears. It's one of my biggest strengths.

Q: Lastly, there are so many up and coming bloggers looking to make their break in the fashion world, what advice would you give the next generation of young fashion-seeking bloggers?

I think the biggest advice I can give is to learn photography and invest in photo equipment. Also, learn about all of the social media platforms that are out there to help you grow your following, and use them! I wish I had invested just $20 a month to use platforms like Buffer and Crowdfire earlier on. Lastly, do your research! Know your mission, your look and feel and what you want to accomplish and be consistent! 

And that's the inside scoop with Steffy Kuncman and her fabulous blog! We hope you enjoyed getting to know her as much as we did. The zeroUV team is a huge fan of Steffy and her beautiful heart - we are incredibly blessed to work with her and look forward to many more opportunities in the future!


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