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March 24, 2016 2 min read

In just over two weeks, the festival season’s front runner hits Indio, California. Along with the music, food, and atmosphere, the festival brings a few Sartorial conditions to note. Celebrities, bloggers, and babes like yourselves, flock to the desert to enjoy the good vibes and showcase the freshest looks. We’ve compiled a list of the trends to look out for and wear yourselves (appropriate even if you’re just enjoying the festival excitement in your living room with the beats turned up)! Click on thumbnails for full size images 

We Like Short Shorts

The ultimate summer staple! Keep it simple and go back to basics with a favourite pair of worn-out denim shorts. Choose a comfortable pair that can work with various tops and footwear (especially if you are packing light for Coachella camping). Work the leggy look with some cute ankle boots - but remember that comfy shoes are a must!

Coachella Shorts 1       Coachella Shorts 6       Coachella Shorts 5       Coachella Shorts 4


Gypsy Woman

Channel your inner goddess while staying cool in the desert! Indio weather varies from high 100s, with a dip into the 40s during the nighttime. Choosing an outfit that is long and light will not only stay breezy during the daytime, but also keep your limbs warm when the temperature plummets! Florals and exotic prints work a charm, especially when worn on playful frocks and billowy skirts. Take boho and whimsy to the festival!

Coachella Gypsy 1 Coachella Gypsy 2 Coachella Gypsy 3


Crop It Like It's Hot

Holy crop top! Midriff-baring is not going out of fashion - and it has proven that a little goes a long way! If you want to channel sometime 90s styling, try a crop with a high collar. Or try a bralette to bring some retro vibes to your outfit. Go with whichever style makes you feel confident and unique - remember, Coachella is all about letting the good times roll!

Coachella Crop Top 1        Coachella Crop Top 2         Coachella Crop Top 3        Crop Top 4


All About The Details

If you’re more interested in dressing for comfort, you can add bold touches to a simple outfit by accessorizing! Take your simple t-shirt and shorts combination to the next level by adding touches such as: metallic belts, floral embellishments, and flash tattoos. Add sun smart accessories for practicality and fashion’s sake! Hats, headwraps, and sunglasses are a must. We predict the trendiest looks are going to be mirrored lenses in aviators and retro wingtips!

Coachella Details 1 Coachella Details 3 Coachella Details 4


Festival Romp

Seen since Woodstock, the vest is a fashion piece that isn’t going away anytime soon. There are multiple styles that you can try out to see what works best for your festival look. Favorites include: denim (add patches if you’re more of a punker/grunge girl), fringe, and embroidery. A vest will add some casual-cool layering to your outfit - and work with multiple pieces, whether you decide upon jeans, a flowing skirt or shorts!

Coachella Romper 1        Coachella Romper         Coachella Romper 3        Coachella Romper 4


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