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October 26, 2016 3 min read

Keep Calm and Believe, “Big Hair, Don’t Care”. Hortencia also known as StyleFeen, a fabulously curled hair fashion blogger based in New York City known for her bodacious locks and edgy, but feminine style. With her contagious smile and authentic personality, StyleFeen turned her photography skills into a blogging lifestyle winning over thousands of hearts worldwide.

Q: What inspired you to start your fashion/photography blog?

I’ve always been mesmerized by fashion through being a photographer first and foremost so blogging was an easy transition where I found I can incorporate both things I equally love into one!

Q: What catches your eye when you are shopping and what would you say your sense of style is?

I love being opened to new things! Sometimes you think something you normally wouldn't rock won’t look good, but it surprises you if you try it out. I can’t pinpoint what my style is, because I like to adapt to anything that fits right and I feel good in.

Q: What would you say is your “go to” outfit?

Mmmmh. I love me a good pair of high waist jeans, gotta show off the asset (literally) and a cute top, maybe something off shoulder with a choker to top it off.

Style Feen 1 Style Feen 2

Q: We ABSOLUTELY love your hair! How do you normally style it?

HAHA! Thank you! My hair is a second job all on it’s own. I style it with a cream and gel combination I switch between brand’s depending on what my hair currently needs. I like to stick with Bounce Curl and Devacurl for the most part.

Q: You are such a well-loved and embraced fashion stylist around the world by loyal followers and fans! Where do you get your daily inspiration from? What motivates you to blog?

I’m mostly inspired by my fellow peers, the lovely bloggers I follow I inspire to be like. Bloggers and companies like, @thegreylayers and @naturallycurly help me think outside the box and showcase products in new ways.

Style Feen 3 Style Feen 4

Q: To get to know you on a more fun and personal level, do you have any other hobbies unrelated to fashion?

I currently write for, work at one of the largest electronic/photo store in the country, BH as an information specialist and am a mom to a Pug named Thug. So aside from blogging about fashion, I also blog about having curly hair hoping to help fellow naturalistas to embrace the mane.

Q: What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

I think creating themes/subject matter is always hard. I can create content easily when you provide me with a certain category/idea, but coming up with it yourself can be a difficult task. I do go back and forth on how I want to showcase a certain outfit and/or hair product because visuals are essential in how much engagement you’ll receive.

Q: Lastly, there are so many up and coming bloggers looking to make their break in the fashion world, what advice would you give the next generation of young fashion-seeking bloggers?

Stay true to yourself and figure out how you can present yourself in the most unique way possible! Obviously nothing is new under the sun, but you can always adapt an idea and tweak it to represent you in the most fresh and innovative way.

Thank you so much for taking out your time to talk to us, we appreciate all that you are and all that you do!

With Love,

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