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September 09, 2016 4 min read 1 Comment


Michelle Carigma known as Modern Fit is definitely the new class act of “Strong is the New Skinny”. This fitness blogger truly embodies what it means to be a woman of character and strength. In fact, she started the new meaning and movement to #WCW- World Changing Woman! Her Instagram and Blog “Modern Fit” is a collection of her journey that promotes and inspires fitness and style. This week we had the amazing opportunity to get to know more about Michelle and join her in one of her photoshoots for a BTS (behind the scenes). Modern Fit, you are our #WCW!

Q: Let's start off with the popular, most eagerly asked question: When and how did it all begin? What got you motivated to embark on running a fashion blog?

I’ve always been a blogger. Name every blog hosting site, I had it! Xanga, Live Journal, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress even MySpace Blog. lol Tumblr helped me discover my true passion for expressing myself through writing. Re-blogs & likes helped built my confidence because even STRANGERS felt like my words & personal style resonated with them.

I was heavily influenced with fitness around 2012 and wanted to start a second blog just to keep track of my own progress. I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback and support I received from my followers! I felt like adding my own personal style to fitness created a window for opportunity for others to find their own style of healthy living. What truly motivated me was the fear of not using my fullest potential in something I’m passionate about.

Q: There is always a special, significant meaning behind a blog's name. Can you please share the story or meaning behind your blog name Modern Fit?

Modern Fit derived from my Tumblr based blog, Modern Edge. Modern Edge was created to share my various interests in fashion, music, food, relationships & LIFE.
In 2013, I wanted to start a fitness blog to keep track of my progress, represent my own unique style and passion for Fitness.

Q: Do you have any personal inspirations or fashion bloggers that you look up to and/or admire?

Thank you! One of my hugest inspirations is Valerie Juan from Fruition LV (@val_uable). I admired her style for a while before actually meeting her and becoming friends. Upon meeting her, her vibes is just so welcoming and upbeat. Her vision for styling is beyond impeccable. Most importantly, how she sees the world and how she carries herself helped me to shape my outlook on life.

Q: To get to know you on a more fun and personal level, what is your favorite movie, food/drink, place, book, and color?

Favorite movie: Pursuit of Happiness
Place: Anywhere where I haven’t been
Color: Black, White, Neutrals

Q: It’s said that a photo speaks a thousand words. A fashion blogger is largely based on the great photos they provide for their followers, and an important aspect of that is choosing the right photographer. How did you and your photographer meet?

I have to thank INSTAGRAM for my photographer. Although I work with many talented photographers, I have a photographer that I work with all the time. Ron Holden (@holdenfocus). I was really shy to work with any photographer really except my best friend. So when he asked to do a collaboration, I was like “yaaaa idk” haha but I’m really glad I built enough confidence to work with him because he is not only a talented photographer, but he helped get me through networking and learning the in’s & out’s of the Brands.

Q: Your fashion style is unique & fitness-based! Every look you do has its own individualistic touch. Does it ever become difficult to come up with such exclusive looks every time, or does it just come naturally?

Thank you! Yes & no. Most of the time, it comes naturally. My closet is filled with statement pieces of the colors: black, white & neutrals, so mix and matching items of clothing is easier. It only gets a little difficult when I’m actually going to an event. I put more time on what I’ll be wearing and what brand I’ll be representing.

Q: Fashion blogging definitely requires a lot of time and dedication. Has it in any way affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life?

Definitely so. It has affected my career positively. I’m at a point in my life where I’m hustling two careers: one that fills my soul & one that pays the bills. I went to college, graduated, got a great job and still felt like something was missing. Blogging & influencing is my passion turned career. Blessed to experience both in my life.

Q: We can’t help but noticed how energetic and motivated you are, what inspires your positive energy?

Thank you! I have a very strong faith. Every day, my goal is to count my blessings, not my problems. I stay motivated by remembering the ultimate goal I would like to achieve & the purpose of it. We can sometimes get wrapped up in the current situation, that we forget to foresee the possibilities we can reach if really work hard for it.

Q: Lastly, there are so many up and coming bloggers looking to make their break in the fashion world, what advice would you give the next generation of young fashion-seeking bloggers?

Do it because you LOVE IT. It’s very easy to tell when a blogger is doing it without genuine intentions. Remember, success does not happen overnight. Modern Fit went through a year without any free gifts, sponsorships, etc. I didn’t mind it because I didn’t initially have those intentions. I started it because I wanted to keep track of my fitness journey & display my own personal style along with it. When it’s fun and comes natural, opportunities will arise! Learn to be assertive & not aggressive while seeking opportunities. Tough skin is important because there will be people who love you & those who hate on you. Always be yourself, visually and personally.

We has such a blast hanging out with Michelle, thanks so much for letting us tag along!


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Lora Marino

November 30, 2016


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